How to Fold:
Step 1 ~ Print it out. And cut off the white space.
Step 2 ~ Start with the paper face down. Fold it diagonally one way. Unfold. Then do the OTHER diagonal fold.
Step 3 ~ Open it back up and you get a center point. (It kinda looks like a diamond!)
Step 4 ~ Fold all the corners in so you can now see the pictures on top.
Step 5 ~ Then, you flip it! Fold the corners into your center point again, making the fortune even smaller.
Step 6 - Turn it so the numbers are on top. Then fold it like a sandwich!
Step 7 ~ Unfold the fortune and then fold it in the opposite way (like a baby sandwich).
Step 8 ~ Slide your thumb and your finger behind 2 of the pictures. Press together so they bend around and touch.
Step 8 ~ All of the pictures should now be on top with the centers touching. Time to get your #404ORTUNE! (PS: If you’re confused, there is this place called YouTube that can help 😉)

How to Play:
Step 1 ~ Find a friend :)
Step 2 ~ Ask them to pick one of the pictures.
Step 3 ~ Spell out the name of the picture they chose while moving the fortune in and out in unison with each letter (like it’s dancing!)
Step 4 ~ Now, have your friend pick a number. Count up to the number, moving the fortune in unison.
Step 5 ~ Repeat Step 4 with another number.
Step 6 ~ Have your friend pick one final number and lift up the flap to reveal their fortune!!
Step 7 ~ Tweet @club404notfound to let us know which fortune you got!!!
Step 8 ~ Keep doing you and let your intuition guide you ~*~
NOTE: Please handle the #404ORTUNE with care! She’s delicate.