Special thanks and shoutouts to:

The entire BRUD fam for building me the dreamiest digital home for my ideas to live on and being my all-around ride-or-dies 🕯

Manuela Soto for being a good friend and creating everything I’ve ever wanted to wear on a cute sleepover with my crush 🙊

Travis Kane for making my website look ✨

Christian Gonzales for giving my last two brain cells inspiration to play with ⛹️‍♀️

Dianne for turning my thoughts into things I could touch (and for answering all of my calls and texts when I was freaking out) 😬

Depop for basically teleporting CLUB 404 treasures into the arms of our members AND for giving life to my fav weekend of the summer 💌

The Digital Fairy for their work on branding, logos, and elements of website design 🧚‍♀️


Turn me right side up again